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Signing In Hotmail


The Hotmail users have the option of deciding whether they want the Hotmail system to keep the signed in or if the system should ask them for their username and password every moment they want to log into their accounts to have a look at their emails. When a user is signing in for the first time, they will be provided with the Hotmail sign in page. The live Hotmail page has two sections. The left section is for new users while the right one for signing in the Hotmail. The right section asks for your identity and your password. Only if you key in the right password and username that you will successfully log in. After you have logged in you can comfortably view your emails as well as send some. In case you have given any incorrect details such as the password a message will be displayed on the screen to show that you have keyed in wrong details. If you don't want to be keying in your details every time you want to sign in you, have to click on the" remember me" command. The system, however, will only remember them if they use the same browser. If the browser is changed, it will not display the email address they used to log in the previous time.


If the user would like the system to remember their password they have to check the "remember my password" box. This will enable the Hotmail to take them directly to their emails by skipping the login page. However the remember my password command is not safe since anyone can aces your email account anytime they want even without your knowledge. Do not use this command on any device you come across unless it's you and no one else has access to it. Click here to read more.


The Hotmail email platform provides the user with the default security settings. This is usually adequate for most of the users. Those who feel that their account is not safe enough can check the enhanced security settings. It's possible to have a free account and wish to obtain instant Hotmail support services by turning towards other technology support companies that work hand in hand with the official Hotmail support system


Hotmail support is another very vital feature of the Hotmail. Hotmail homepage has help and support modules which are self-help articles and include common issues that most users experience. If at all the user finds an issue that is not listed or there is any that the user doesn't understand he or she has the right to send an email to Hotmail regarding the issue.