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Features Of Hotmail.


There was a buyout of Hotmail by Microsoft back in the year nineteen ninety-seven. This buyout has been very fruitful to both parties. Microsoft owns some of the most critical email services. The Hotmail support is available to you from its official website. It is not charged. You can easily get access to it and have a look at the self-explanatory modules that are available on its homepage. You can also write an email to Hotmail stating your problem and how you would like it resolved. The Hotmail representatives will take the time to go through your question then get back to you as soon as they can. If you want an instant answer, then you can call them and have your issue solved right away, but if at all you are not in a hurry you can send them an email then wait for the response which might also take very short time. The Hotmail support page has listed the commonly asked questions and their answers so reviewing such a page will be of great help to the user.


Some of the third party companies are also hired to solve the client's issues.The companies offer their services at a fee, but their charges vary. The solutions they give to their customers have some add-on attached to them so that you can feel the value of the money you are paying for the services. Windows live Hotmail services are Microsoft powered. The Hotmail email account uses the personal computer's firewall system to keep your email account secure. Accessing your Hotmail account from a public computer is not safe since some caches and cookies get saved during that session, and a hacker could use that to get access to your account. You have to keep your account safe. View website for further information.


Hotmail has features such as active view which happens to be one of the best features of Hotmail. This saves you the agony of switching between different windows by showing you everything in your inbox email box, pictures, slideshows and even videos.


Conversation threading is another feature of Hotmail. These features assist the user to have a look at all the emails as a part of communication as a single email only.


Another is the integrated office website applications. These applications help the user to view any Microsoft Office document in a new browser window. You can also save documents in the window live SkyDrive if you wish to.